Table of Contents

  1. A Quick Training Guide for VITA Volunteers (PowerPoint for download)
  2. Training Material for Tax Sites (PowerPoint for download)
  3. Site Coordinator Toolkit & PowerPoint
  4. Additional Resources

1. A Quick Training for VITA Volunteers

Explains the basics of the policy to volunteers, their role in promoting bonds, and how to process the IRS Form 8888. Shortened Training for VITA Volunteers (PowerPoint for download)

2. Training Material for Tax Sites

Covers features of U.S. Series I Savings Bonds and how to promote savings at tax time. Can also be used in a classroom setting (runtime: approximately 60 minutes).

Training material for sites from website from Bonds Make It Easy

3. Site Coordinator Toolkit & PowerPoint

The Toolkit contains everything a coordinator needs to train volunteers to explain savings bonds and to process IRS Form 8888. The Toolkit arms volunteers with practical guides they can keep with them and refer to when working with clients. The Site Coordinator Toolkit (PDF) contains instructions for a supplementary Training PowerPoint for VITA Volunteers, which can be found above. Site Coordinator Toolkit (PDF for download) What’s inside:

  • PowerPoint Speaker Guide: Organizes the main speaking points for the site coordinator to train volunteers.
  • Form 8888 Script and Guide for Volunteers: A practical document for volunteers to promote savings bonds and process Form 8888.
  • Series I Savings Bond FAQ: Provides answers to the most common questions clients have about Savings Bonds.
  • Refund Summary of Mock Form 8888: Take home for clients that summarizes how they split their refund, including any savings bonds purchases and what to do if a bond is lost, stolen, or destroyed.
  • Role play script for volunteer training: provides training exercises.

4. Additional Resources

  • An abbreviated Technical Reference Guide from NCTC with detail on savings bonds and how to use Form 8888 to split the refund.
  • An exciting “Refund Rush” game from D2D Fund’s Financial Entertainment that simulates the VITA experience