Two Major Korean Universities

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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology was founded in 1962. This is an advanced educational and research institute of South Korea, located in the city of Daejeon. State University specializes in research and development – training specialists for high-tech sector, as well as research in the field of high-tech engineering.
University is a member of LAOTSE and AEARU, and many other prestigious Asian and international organizations.
KAIST took the 24th position in the field of Engineering & Technology in the world ranking according to QS World University Rankings (2013).
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology constantly invites strong and competent teachers from abroad.
It offers English-language training programs on such specialties as biological chemistry, biomedical engineering, neurosciences and robotics.
Up to 10,000 students are studying there.
1. College of natural sciences
2. College of life sciences and bioengineering
3. College of engineering sciences
4. College of science and engineering
5. College of business
6. College of culture
7. 8 research institutions
Scholarships, medical insurance and accommodation on campus are available for all students, including international ones.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Hankuk University is one of the major universities in Korea, which has a lot of experience in the field of foreign language education. It was founded in 1954.

Students receive classical education including humanities as well as social and natural sciences, which allow you to create a solid foundation of knowledge. All students study one or more foreign languages, which is a distinctive feature of the university and its advantage in comparison with other educational institutions.

In addition to foreign languages students learn regional geopolitics, economics, society and culture of other countries, allowing them to become true citizens of the world.

Nowadays, 45 languages are taught at the university, which is the third in the world index of the number of foreign languages studied with the help of in the same university.
Students can study English, French, Chinese, German, Russian and other Western languages.

1. College of Oriental Languages
2. College of Chinese
3. College of Japanese
4. College of Social Sciences
5. College of law
6. College of International Studies
7. College of education
8. College of Business and Economics
9. College of English

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